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Hand knit Artwear and Semi-precious jewelry


About Us

Chatpeaux is an independent Canadian company that has combined fashion and function for the ultimate in winter warmth and wearability. Chatpeaux's original designs range from fun and funky to elegant and sophisticated and are constantly transforming as we endeavor to remain innovative. Each of our hats is knit with a combination of several yarns to make them as thick and as windproof as possible. Most hats contain at least two different wools (usually mohair and alpaca) as well as various synthetics. We also make %100 wool free products for those with allergies although without the wool the warmth may be slightly diminished. While all hats can be altered to fit the customers needs i.e. adding ears, tassels, braids etc...we also fill custom orders for different sizes, colours, and shapes. We even get commissions for hats to match peoples pets! Although initially only a hat company Chatpeaux has since branched out into mittens, scarves, and jewelry as well. Our brooches, which were originally made as hatpins, can be just as eye-catching anywhere else you choose to pin them! And our Faux Paws are and instant hit! These thick woolly mittens will make you the coziest cat (or dog) in town!

While Chatpeaux started out as a custom knitwear business it has since branched out into other mediums. Along with various brooches and hatpins Chatpeaux is excited to exhibit a new line crocheted wire and ribbon jewelry - delicate necklaces and bracelets, exquisite cuffs and chokers and a diverse collection of other vibrant, trendy accessories. Chatpeaux’s jewelry, made with Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones, glass beads, polished shells, and freshwater pearls is the perfect compliment to our elegant open weave shawls, and striking designs. Our unique products range from fun and funky to elegant and sophisticated and are constantly transforming as we endeavor to remain innovative. Chatpeaux’s products have been sold at the Knit Gallery on Queen St West, Y5 Boutique in Yorkville, Speakeasy at the Gladstone, Toronto Jazz Festival, Nuit Blanche Designer's Market, The Tranzac Artisans Gift Market, and from home through custom orders.

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"Remember one of those random Toronto winter days (only a few weeks ago) where we actually had snow? Well on that day, myself and Sarah Blostein's company, Chatpeaux, created som..."

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Co-Creative Director of A2D2 Inc. ~ aerial dance cirque company

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